Breaking Dawn starring Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart at the premiere


Online video Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Breaking Dawn starring Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart at the premiere”

  1. Rosa Puente

    Robert… Hey you look very beautiful Kristen… Thank you so do you, I
    mean you look handsome lol Robert… Thank you Kristen… Look at the
    camera Rob… Sexy Kristen… Look at the camera both smile Kristen… Ok
    now go babe

  2. Cris Guia

    What happened to Rob’s nose? It looks a bit flat on sideview. And when
    Kristen gave him a little push, he looked like a little boy lost.

  3. Alanaaaaaah

    i love u

  4. italiancutiepie100

    kristen is so lucky rob is so adorable but they make a cute couple:)

  5. VampireCharmer1864

    @DEUHDCEwh Due! That was so rude. If anyone needs to get a life, it’s you.
    Commhat agaioent to me on anything like that again and I willreport and
    block your sorry but. I I do not have to take this from you and will not.

  6. iloveHPtwilight

    these people are mad. why are they crying? I love twilight stars too
    specially rob and kris bt for me it looks ridicules when they are crying.

  7. Simone Pedersen


  8. krisde nev

    At 1:35 it’s like that Rob wants to grab Kristen…lol And he just can’t
    let Kristen again

  9. Awesumkake

    3:05 Lady: You need to give other people time to get there pics Kris: DRAT

  10. Sheila Wanjihia

    I love how Kristen honored the fans by picking a signature looks Bella had
    in breaking dawn… the blue cocktail dress when Bella became a vampire in
    the book and the french braids just like Bella had for her wedding <3 she’s

  11. Lubbylove89

    He just wants to look at her the whole time lol loveeee them.

  12. Angela Martinez


  13. Carla Freitas

    woow… they looked amazing

  14. Daisy Ramos

    awwww she looks so pretty!!(; hahah thats sad when she pushed him away!!
    but cute how he came up to grab her!! ;D <33

  15. WaterDove2273

    omg the paparazzi are like spoiled little kids!!! I heard one say ” Oh come
    on!!” like really. gosh

  16. terriekimberallen

    They must have great support system. With cameras flashing, people
    screaming, and the autographs.. Ugh, makes want go hide somewhere
    yourself… Sry.! Did I say that out loud.

  17. May Zin T

    all the shouting and screaming looks very stressful especially from the

  18. XxMarieJanexX

    @TheMcgreary Oh i miss the time when all was love and piece and stupid
    people aka. haters didnt exist.

  19. TheMcgreary

    Oh I miss the time when vampires were hardcore badasses, not sparkling
    little faeries.

  20. italiancutiepie100

    i wonder what rob and kristen are saying too each other?

  21. Jessica Pollock

    2:43 “Bitch move! This is my spotlight…”

  22. Robstenfan1999

    If you have experience reading lips, you can tell that Rob is telling
    Kristen “you look beautiful” Robsten forever:)

  23. krazed gunner

    @bridgettegilmore91 whore, wash away your sins and sexual fantasies


    why? cuz of the cheating? dont mind that cuz people make wrong decisions


    they are both in loveshedidnt think aboutheraction before doing it its just
    one crutial mistake.