Full Interview Fitzy and Wippa (Robert Pattinson) HD


Online video Ranking: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Full Interview Fitzy and Wippa (Robert Pattinson) HD”

  1. nessaholichu


  2. debbiethreet

    Their faces at 0:18.

  3. Shannon Wilson

    Who could live without TimTams??!


    funny guys:the whole bedroom got destroyed.:-)))

  5. natalieisdabombify

    yeah but they come from australia

  6. Rabia Farooqi

    I just hope Mr. Pattinson lives the life he wants to live.
    Without all those annoying paparazzi & fans and stuff..
    And live and happy life .. and smile like you made others smile..
    Sometimes he looks like he looks a bit insecure of himself, but he knows very well what he wants. *sigh* Sometimes I wish I could support him .. not as a fan but as a friend.

  7. mariarpmk

    he is so beautiful……I LOVE HIM

  8. aleluvsu

    His sex face lmao!!

  9. Vanillawaffer07

    OMG he reminds me of my friend so much!!! ughhhh hilarious 🙂 . I have got to meet Rob he always has me laughing at his comments LOL such positive and calm energy 🙂

  10. Catie Hoffmann

    I like seeing him like this, all casual mmmm

  11. emma macrae

    robert pattison has such a hot voice to go with his face!

  12. coriethegr8

    Asdfghjkl marry me

  13. ILoveGuppy27

    Tim tams are in NZ!!!!!!!

  14. Ellie Corbett

    take off the hat to reveal your beautiful hair.

  15. Lucinda S

    What are you all on about: Roberts accent is normal? xoxo

  16. Pty1980

    Robert, you are so hot. one day you shall be MINE!

  17. josipa7774

    He looks really relaxed in this interview. Best interview…

  18. emanewka1

    ….But he does not love you…..you are scary for him…

  19. Lucia Perez

    He’s just so entertaining to watch and so charismatic!

  20. LucasKyleNateSpinner

    LOL rob and his 2 espressos 🙂

  21. hayatul husna

    i love you

  22. adamfanalways

    These guys are so cool, their voices are hot and Rob is hot and sexy as always!

  23. ashley kumar

    Rob always makes me laugh …love you Rob !!

  24. iloverobandkristen

    HAHAHA 😀 Rob <3