Goodnight My Angel-Robert Pattinson


Video Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Goodnight My Angel-Robert Pattinson”

  1. Dhika Ultras

    very nice (y)

  2. Ananaa. Cz.

    This is Yiruma- River Flows In You -.-

  3. Léa Poupin

    why do you take the song of yiruma and you take robert pattinson ?
    J’aimerais comprendre !

  4. Karolayne Andrade

    Linda por mas que foi a Yiruma q fez prefiro o Rob tocando e lindo mt
    emocionante quase choro de ouvir, ja ouvi milhares e milhres de vezes.

  5. Karolayne Andrade

    Será da pra alguem me esplicar direito sobre essa musica pois cada um fala
    uma coisa diferente ja nao sei no que acredito. quem fez foi a Yiruma ok,
    Entaum o Rob toca ela em crepusculo ?? ele toca ela ou nao??

  6. Tom Porteous

    na… it’s never played in twilight. check again.


    Amo piano esta musica perfeita

  8. Julia Ligeza

    The song is ACTUALLY called River Flows In You by Yiruma, just saying. But
    yeah, I agree with MarySoulDancer.

  9. ElleCullen17

    This is river flows in you by yiruma good night my angle is sang by billy

  10. GothicCupcake1000

    I truly love this song, it’s very calming. I fall asleep with it every
    night. <3

  11. Brittany Romero

    love him hate her

  12. AlyysVK8

    Yiruma is AMAZING!

  13. DoodleGenious

    Actually, bellas lullaby in the movie is by Carter Burtwell (think that’s
    his name) and it was originally going to be lullaby (otherwise known as
    goodnight my angel) by Billy Joel. People just thought this song should be
    her lullaby before the movie came out but it wasn’t chosen and has nothing
    to do with the movie :p

  14. IRENE11819

    THIS SONG’s was cool

  15. TheMolz123

    Isn’t this called River Flows by you? I liek it anyway :)

  16. Yaritza Miranda

    no, the song he plays in twilight is totally differen and it was composed
    by Carter Burwell, I didn’t know there was a confusion with this, this is
    song is called River Flows in you it was composed by Yiruma and before
    Twilight the movie came out with Bella’s lullaby, this was the “unofficial”
    lullaby for many fans

  17. Mackenzie Menn

    this song is amazing love you Robert but it is by Yuriam

  18. Citlalli Quintero

    La mejor cancion de piano q e escuchado hasta hoy

  19. caairi19

    awww!! i shed a tear while listening… it’s so damn beautiful! :’)

  20. julis7julis

    so beautyful!!

  21. Marie Sternchen

    @pavlina0104 but Rob makes it sound more romantic, BUT you’re right :)

  22. 12345RenesmeeCullen

    does it mather how does it calls?i belive he can play it too!!!!!


    Me gusta mucho esta canción

  24. MrToppy333

    Yes, right. “No description possible.”

  25. Valentina Vargas

    I love 3 music