Kristen Stewart Cheats On Robert Pattinson And Apologizes


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25 Responses to “Kristen Stewart Cheats On Robert Pattinson And Apologizes”

  1. Mocha Holic

    cheating is a horrible thing to do, i don’t think he should get back with

  2. askimika8

    She dumped her bf before for Rob. Then what would you gonna expect from
    her? To be faithful to Rob?

  3. Christopher Croom

    If Rob Pattinson ever take that creature Kristen back again after she cut
    his heart out and shredded it, I’ll kick his ass!!! LOL

  4. Christopher Croom

    That Why Taylor Launter didn’t want to be her man because he knew whatta
    manipulative bitch she is!!! She never loved Rob Pattinson, She just went
    with him because they were up and coming stars and folks thought they
    should hookup!!! The best thing for Kristen is to be by herself with her
    own thoughts and leave the male species alone!!!

  5. TutorialesAqua

    YEAH SURE *sarcasm* he can forgive her, but couple oh hell naw, if you
    really love someone you won’t cheat, and is not really a mistake, is a

  6. sangha selalik

    My weird uncle managed to make the most beautiful stripper I’ve seen in my
    life fall for him because he used the Cupid Love System (search in Google).
    I wish I found myself pleased for him but I want such a hot young lady to
    fall in love with me. I’m really green with envy. Does that mean I’m a
    lousy person?

  7. ketanna auguste

    i think Kristen should prove that she still love him.

  8. AlyssaLoqkaaxO

    Cheating isn’t a mistake its a choice.

  9. Naisha Alexis

    Kick her to the curb

  10. popo ton

    they got back together,,,but whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..

  11. Smizzer3312

    He should definatly walk away once a cheater always a cheater !!!!!

  12. Adam Muhammed

    What a bitch

  13. Emily Collins

    He should forgive her she made a mistake everyone makes mistakes

  14. boastfuls

    rob can get a more mature woman who is wife material

  15. sunday patterson

    You can’t just be like “oops I kinda fucked that guy but don’t worry it’s
    all cool” Just no

  16. linda14149

    It was all fake! 1st of all she is so smart not to be seen with Robert
    throw out all but stupid enough to be seen out in a public place out day
    lights! Second of all Robert acts like if nothing bcuz he really I’d gay in
    real life so is Kris! They r just acting like they’re together to make the
    movies sell but they have a lil understanding between them. He’s into guys
    n she’s into girls ppl!!! Don’t over look it get with it

  17. Tricia Daley

    Does any one else find this a little fishy I mean what celebrity who know
    she always being follow by cameras cheats in a public place in broad
    daylight no one not even Kristin Stewart can be that stupid and isn`t a
    little funny how they got back together right before Breaking Dawn came out
    and that the director is still married after all this. I think this was all
    stage and no really cheating happen I have no idea why but nothing adds up

  18. Alix Thomas

    yeah well why even point something out like that in the first place,
    weather that it is me or not in the picture why make it your business and
    get yourself concerned about it, god chill out you freak.

  19. Destyne Castro

    No they shouldn’t get back together

  20. KaylaKamikazex

    They need to either stop cheating on each other or call it quits. They’re
    boring now.

  21. TheDuck

    0:38 u can see its fake , look at her ear -.-

  22. leon burner

    stupid whore

  23. Alix Thomas

    I didn’t say that did I? but it all fairness it seems Kristen is the only
    one getting the blame, yeah fair enough she shouldn’t of did it but Rupert
    is married with kids and no one seems to blame him.

  24. favelas1981

    She knew about it before giving him her lips and «womb». No maturity
    without responsability

  25. Alexx Miles

    Kristen really is in some deep crap