Robert pattinson and kristen stewart best kiss


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25 Responses to “Robert pattinson and kristen stewart best kiss”

  1. Mehr Khurmi
  2. Emily Young
  3. sana1ism

    Robert is very funny and very energetic hahahah

  4. 726rach

    @GinnyStone3 Yeah, she said “Go get him, honey, go get him!” adorable!

  5. borrowedthetardis

    Taylor L . ♥~♥ hehe , hes so hot.

  6. OmarVlogable

    @ellzrebzash Backstage

  7. sana1ism

    hey after cumming back on stage Robert was really trying to grab Kristen as
    he wanna kiss her now. like he is spreading his kisses all over hahahah

  8. foreverzjess

    kristen: this is mine (robert comes forth) kristen:eh eh! (pushing him
    back) Robert: what?I wanna take you back stage! lol

  9. 111ploy

    Can anyone repeat what they said from the beginning please? I cant catch it

  10. Ginny Stone

    Did she say “Go get him, honey”?

  11. SnickersNoo44

    haha Slena Gomez is sitting there like “Yes go at it”

  12. Mia Dela Cruz

    may i post this in my blog please? Thanks

  13. bestblondemoments


  14. 4everwhiteandgold

    @ellzrebzash lol he says I’m gonna take you back stage

  15. victoriabr31


  16. leyla Mehdiyeva

    So cute

  17. Aleeza Brown

    So fucking adorable & funny ❤

  18. grace louise chloe sarah


  19. hyrdsfgt

    did u guys see wen taylor wiped his mouth? watch from 1:16

  20. Mia Dela Cruz

    this is the best resolution of this video.thank you

  21. victoriabr31


  22. Mell Bruce

    and the best fangirl moment goes to…. Selena Gomez! lmao

  23. ellzrebzash

    what does he say at the end? i’m gunna take you back to…?

  24. Io Long

    taylor seems a little bit jealous^^

  25. Omri Koresh

    finally! that’s right sparkly boy kiss the correct person!