Robert pattinson and Kristen Stewart funny interview


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25 Responses to “Robert pattinson and Kristen Stewart funny interview”

  1. Zoey Berrier

    my headphones broke half way through it XD DX 

  2. Brianna Silva

    Why did they HAVE to break up: -(

  3. Dominika Nijak

    kocham zmierzch !!!!!!!!

  4. KC7Tumblr

    So cute!!!!

  5. Stephanie Dooley

    i love his laugh it makes me smile its just sooo cute


  6. LittleSimpleton

    they totally slept with each other, before the movie started.

  7. sunshinegirllover 47


  8. Geraldine Angulo

    Me gusta la parejita q vuelvan 

  9. Kiana Shirk

    God, he is HOT!!!!

  10. Sontee Riley

    ❤️❤️Kristen stewart❤️❤️❤️

  11. Kristina Vasiliyevna Ryshkovaya

    This is so cute!!!

  12. Fardau Breidenbach

    I love his laugh @2:08 its so cute ^_^

  13. Janetth Castro

    I love his laugh

  14. My Bodin

    They were so young here! And you can totally feel the awkwardness between
    them. I just love it. Robsten ♡

  15. Tasmia Haque

    I miss Robsten!

  16. RoziiPozieXx

    its just soo errr awkward :L x

  17. Madison Lee


  18. alyssagymnast97

    hahahahah *beep* “oop” omg i love them

  19. Adennos

    @maggot0305 Don’t bother he, it was Meyer who made them sparkle and all
    that stuff 😛

  20. slevinbaddog

    Aw Rob look at you talking about how you wanna do little gigs here and
    there…… SOOO NAIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! It sucks to know that
    will NEVER EVER happen anytime soon… :'(

  21. PrincessSparklypony

    @kstewart97 Yeah.. Once the movie got out, it got all crazy and a lot of
    people following her, and she got.. More.. Shy? Idk.. I get it, I get why,
    but I still wish she wouldn’t have to be nervous.. She could be relaxed..

  22. Super123Xxxxxxx

    It’s so sweet how she randomly puts her finger in his mouth. That’s cute
    because she was getting something out of his teeth or something. Young
    love. 🙂

  23. Evi Tsapara

    wow! kristen is so…open, free to talk, and to move or whatever in this
    interview…now she’s like…well she is not like that anymore…fans
    reactions made her nervous

  24. numafc


  25. OTHsmallvillefan

    @jumpforjoy6 hhahaaha someone needs anger management …….lol you crack
    me up 😛