Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Get Married!!! And Happy Halloween!! :D


Movie Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Get Married!!! And Happy Halloween!! :D”

  1. Luka Lukyte

    Ur kidding

  2. Leticia avila

    eres una copia de filipdefranco mames das pena men

  3. Killian M

    your absolutely adorable!!! =)

  4. Sine Qua Non

    I’m half philippina and i recognize a pinoy accent in you. Love all the
    philippinos! They good looking and funny 😀

  5. Angelina Koliy

    You’re hard to understand…

  6. Gogeta3366

    @thegr8stever :p you

  7. voldemortrules101

    Already watched ‘Friends 4Ever’ I’m subscribed!!!!

  8. Meson Joe

    Are really in love

  9. candysurge

    When’s your next google+ hangout?

  10. electroscandal

    @fggfmxs :'(

  11. Esther Miller

    Halloween for me is earning $50 for babysitting tricker treaters and
    watching while making fun of Zombie movies. Starting from the British ones
    all the way to the ones I bought in Amsterdam. Zombies are pot heads in
    Dutch Zombie movies. SFG (so fuckin great).

  12. Mackenna Closson

    your funny az heLL lol

  13. Alan123123123


  14. thegr8stever

    @WritingSchiozo101 lol 😛

  15. Mike Donnelly


  16. The Artistic Pagan

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! It’s my favorite HOLIDAY!! I think it should be more than
    just one night 🙂 I got all dressed up and passed out candy to the kids!!
    Had some great costumes this year!!

  17. Casual Astronauts

    holy crap they’re married? WHOA!

  18. ZuperElg

    Hahaha, you are funny x3 “Shut up, shut up!”

  19. SpyralVideo

    You get almost all of your news from Reddit, don’t you?

  20. Matt Hoff

    cool hoodie. long title. good video. OK BYE!1!!!!1!! <3092130287

  21. Kayla Franklin

    you know i really like your hair. :).

  22. thegr8stever

    @SpyralVideo The costume pictures? Of course. I mean it says so in the
    description “The Top 23 Halloween Costumes Of Reddit”. So yeah, I guess I
    “admit it”.

  23. Bhmcity

    i like how u call the info box your penis lol

  24. elmer mateo

    ama get wasted nd go to school hungover:(

  25. ELOUISEproductions

    Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart – Relationship Headlines on my channel,
    check it out?