Robert Pattinson: First public appearance since Kristen Stewart scandal, Cosmopolis premiere


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24 Responses to “Robert Pattinson: First public appearance since Kristen Stewart scandal, Cosmopolis premiere”

  1. ReallyAverageJoe

    it is his story to tell…its a scandal because theyre were going wouldnt be a scandal, if he wasnt..

  2. ReallyAverageJoe

    so you know him personally then?

  3. Sara Urbano

    He’s lost his Brit accent! Boohoo!

  4. jason humphrey

    That grammar. -_-

  5. saya hussein

    edward wasnt a gay vampire think before u type somethin and dont even bothr typin somthin that aint tru

  6. Kayla Massey

    I love how everyone seems to be on this bandwagon LOL it’s nobody’s business anyway….

  7. bonjourmimi hayopka

    hahahahahahahahahaha you better hide !!! shame on you .. next time if you want to say something to others think about it, you dnt know what youre saying dude, dnt judge if you dnt want to be judge, and lastly look at yourselves first youre trying to be clean and perfect . shame on you,

  8. bonjourmimi hayopka

    nobody is too much dude

  9. bonjourmimi hayopka

    bitter who? not really its your self who is bitter dude.. hahahaha

  10. Janaki Butterworth

    Too bad this guy was a gay vampire… HE’S SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL!!!!! 0.0

  11. Stephanie Dittrich

    How could anyone cheat on him. He’s so wonderful

  12. knightLynderic

    He was too much for her I think….

  13. Uchiha Izuna

    why does he look like that rich guy from gossip girl chuck bass

  14. MsOneiroi77


  15. Rob Fan

    You KSTEW fans are so bitter, because you are going after rob for nothing. Would you rather him be like Chris brown or go on tv and say k is a slut, bitch, whore, no! So be happy his is a nice guy and in his own way he is trying to protect her by not talking about the scandal. The story his not robs to tell, it’s k’s story to tell. The poor guy don’t know what happened. If you guys know what it feels like to get hurt the way he was hurt believe me you would never go after him. He is putting

  16. roven kirk

    you are the trampire you have no write to say that word…shine kristen shine…famous actress ever

  17. Timea Kraiczar

    He does look good though! This new style suits him.. i mean the haircut and the beard.. looks super! You go Rob!

  18. dabdoob paypay


  19. tennisislaw

    were just happy to see rob back to his sexy, smoldering self.

  20. TheDeseo69

    and you a idiot .

  21. Mescaline Monk

    he’s a homo

  22. mrsjenniferJONAS1

    love you rob<33

  23. Julien Ricky

    so whats the name of your theme song… ?? ny chance of letting ppl know????

  24. yaying404

    he’s handling this whole scandal thing better than she is