Robert Pattinson: I Can See Your Halo // Happy 27th Birthday Rob!


Online video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Robert Pattinson: I Can See Your Halo // Happy 27th Birthday Rob!”

  1. Bru SlaveforRob

    I’m so happy you’ve had such great emotions just watching this video! Thanks so much!

  2. Terka Syrovátková

    Oh my God, I cried when I saw it :’) Amazing video, amazing Rob <3

  3. Bru SlaveforRob

    Thank you so much!

  4. xela cullen

    This video was so Beautiful!!

  5. Bru SlaveforRob

    Oh I really wish too! That’s the thing I want the most! I really wish he takes some time to watch my video. I know this will never happen though. Thanks so much for commenting it xx

  6. LCsHalf

    I really wish he could see this. He would be amazed about how much work you had. This is amazing! Great great work! :D

  7. Bru SlaveforRob

    Thank you!!!

  8. Bru SlaveforRob

    Aww that’s the best comment ever! I’m so happy Rob has such great fan who loves him no matter what <3 Hours and hours? Oh, no, it’s was really easy doin’ it *lies* ahahahah Tnx for the comment and keep loving Robert xx

  9. Bru SlaveforRob

    I know! In this video I tried a new audio effect and then other people said me same thing. I’m so sorry about that, but thanks for letting me know so I can do better next time :-)

  10. Bru SlaveforRob

    Thanks so much for watching and commenting it! xx

  11. taytay21392

    I cry every single time I watch this! He is such an extraordinary beautiful man-inside and out-and this amazing video shows what an amazing person he truly is.

  12. Arianna Gutierrez

    This video was so extraordinary . I absolutely loved it -3 c’:

  13. Qurrat1993

    your video bought me to tears, amazing work <3

  14. Bru SlaveforRob

    Thank you :-)

  15. Bru SlaveforRob

    Grazie pupa :-) Non piangere però, non era mia intenzione farvi piangere XD

  16. Bru SlaveforRob

    Aww bb you’re message is so touching! Are u trying to make me cry? LOL BTW, you know, I love your bday video too, thanks so much for always being there to support Robert no matter what. Bru xx

  17. Bru SlaveforRob

    Thank you hon! You’re so sweet :-) I missed you *hugs*

  18. MrsSvetlana76

    Brilliantly done! Truly amazing video! You showed the very essence of him – his light shining from the inside. That is why we love him.
    Thank you so much! Love this video and admire the way you used the praises to show how incredible he is.

  19. Robert Pattinson

    I’ve watched this for like 1000 times! Love it, you’re really good at this!

  20. Josefine Pilhede

    I love this video! Great job, amazing!

  21. it's me LG.

    omg veramente questo video é PERFETTO! awww *.* lui é troppo dolce e straordinario e questo video lo fa capire ç_ç e tutte le quote che hai usato *.* rendono benissimo l’idea :33 sono in totale adorazione del video. Complimenti é MAGNIFICO!

  22. dandmpug

    Absolutely, positively fabulous! A wonderful celebration of an amazingly talented man. Thanks for making this and sharing it with us! It brought me to tears…

  23. jootje41

    and by the way its PERFECT

  24. jootje41

    love your video a lot ,and the music love it too ,thank you for sharing
    wowwwwwww we love this man forever

  25. Bru SlaveforRob

    Thank you so much Debb :-)