Robert Pattinson I was Broken With Lyrics


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25 Responses to “Robert Pattinson I was Broken With Lyrics”

  1. Stacey Dunne

    @AimCur psssht I wish ..I will be lucky to dream of him at all wanna swap
    dreams?? lol

  2. misspattinson17

    not a lot only a few words, there are like 5 differt sets of lyrics out for
    any of his songs but who cares its his voice thats important 🙂

  3. Jobo1358

    i really like his voice… its so relaxing. makes the entire world just
    stop for a second and all the stresses of daily life disappear… (ok
    cheeeesy but its true) beautiful…

  4. heleneDx3

    can you pleaseplease send me the picture of rob?? the first picture… i
    just love him and his voice!!!1 love this song, good lyrics <3

  5. BloodMagicTwilight

    i have chills!!!!!!!

  6. MegaFierceMee

    waiiii wrong lyrics buddi

  7. abnormalbeauties


  8. immorallove22

    i love the lyrics. they have some great meanings and depth to them, At
    least to me.

  9. staceydan17

    i love this song sooo much it is awesome!!!

  10. Pam Pieterek

    i would like to see how he would sound like if he sang amazing grace

  11. Hanne A

    no he didnt

  12. Amy Smitt

    @dfricker1 Jah, omg he is soo lovely!! i realy want to have diner with him

  13. Joseph Daily

    I love the songs he sings. Always heart felt and meaningful.

  14. S Culliton

    Are the pics from twilight new moon or just photo shoots??

  15. FunnyFazer

    This is his best song because he actually strayed away from the softness
    for once. He was always like, wipering in his songs.

  16. AYJ14


  17. dibbletoes

    he doesnt sound like he would sing that

  18. heyisaura

    I totally agree with you. It’s like he puts everything, except his singing,
    playing and emotions, away when he performs. 🙂 The greatest songs are the
    ones with real feeling to it – and that’s one thing Pattinson really gives
    his music.

  19. Charlotte Poulsen

    hmm.. jeg fik tåre i øjnene, da jeg hørte den. synes man føler noget helt
    specielt, når han synger.. det er ligesom man kan føle ham. – hvis I kan
    følge mig. men jeg kunne ikke rigtig lide, at han sang ‘but its over’ så
    mange gange.. synes det blev lidt for ensformet. ellers er den god :b

  20. Ellie Parrott

    All the lyrics are wrong, but i love this song 🙂

  21. xtwilightfreak17x

    he puts a lot into his singing

  22. jacksonlova2323

    I <3 dis song 😀

  23. janersandkaters


  24. marilyntaylormonroe

    so in love with his voice!

  25. sici488

    i have to admit i totally love rob. he really grabs you when he acts and
    sings like you feel what hes feeling to and very little people can do that