Robert Pattinson On Strombo: Full Interview


Movie Ranking: four / 5

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24 Responses to “Robert Pattinson On Strombo: Full Interview”

  1. 19Kimberly88


  2. Jordan Mckinley

    ….Robert Pattinson wont see your comment… he doesn’t go around reading all the comments on all his interview

  3. Tiffany Kan

    I guess he don’t like watching the movie(the part) he play!!lol

  4. dweebsha

    Cedric Diggory o.0 on muggle television

  5. Carolina Martinez

    when he stops, looks at the ground and thinks <3

  6. kevingraham1974

    Fag accent

  7. Elizabeth Cullen

    Luv’u rob

  8. NV671

    His eyebrows have a mind of their own.

  9. piratsindre17

    Thanks. I missed that. 

  10. AzurEEruzA

    At 4:50

  11. Jessica Howe

    OH My GOD his laugh is to die for, he is so sexy, I want to kiss those lips of his and this interview is like what I needed to make me happy again. Everytime I see Rob, he makes me smile and my heart pounds a thousand beats and I want to meet him some day. He is my Idol and my world, nothing is ever going to help me meet him, all I want to do is to meet him and yet things get really wrong in my part and I want to change that. So please Robert Pattinson, please can I meet you, it would be a dream

  12. Leon Reaper

    fuck Taurus, Aries all the way!

  13. TracieDavies666

    He’s a typical Taurus!
    Shy, witty, loveable and so down to earth.
    He keeps it real and his feet firmly on the floor.
    Not to forget that he is so cute!!!!

  14. angleofdark007

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  15. sgasercretiiiii

    He’s too cute

  16. balletlover157

    He is a true,real person.

  17. jessigirl0818


  18. piratsindre17

    What? When did he say that?

  19. VIPmsg


    Everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved – Ask Jesus Christ to save you, ask Jesus Christ to bless you ! Glory to JESUS CHRIST

  20. prissy vasquez

    I love Twilight, I got upset when he said he hated it but he has his opinions so..I guess I can’t really say anything against that I beacame a Robert Patterson fan because of Twilight.I love that he can sing and he has a cool personality!

  21. Alla Sillva

    será que no final vai valer a pen ater vivido tudo isso dessa forma? o começo não é aqui nesse mundo, tudo passa tudo é momento e nada se leva.

  22. Alla Sillva

    is that in the end will be worth the pen stick all lived that way? the beginning is not here in this world, everything is going all the time and nothing takes.

  23. HeavenSent510

    @grant93321 yep that’s it!

  24. HeavenSent510

    @cottoncandy9595 so true. I think that’s what draws ppl to like him though, it’s his humility and his normalness lol