The Pogues’ Phil Chevron guitars handed to the inmates of Mountjoy Prison


Three of the most appreciated guitars from late Philip Chevron’s accumulation were yesterday willed to the Mountjoy Prison inmates in the 1st move of a brand new initiative which targets to use music to serve prisoners’ rehabilitation program.

The initiative named Jail Guitar Doors was introduced by Billy Bragg, the English rock star and social justice activist, and has been enforced in over fifty prisons in the United Kingdom and three in Northern Ireland.

Yesterday, at a Mountjoy Prison ceremony yesterday, family members and friends of Pogues guitarist Phil Chevron, who passed away last year, assembled to present 3 of his guitars to the students of music at the jail.

Deborah Blacoe, Chevron’s sister, read a letter from Michael D Higgins, the President in which he told that he was happy to show his appreciation and support to Chevron as well as his family. He stated that Phil was a close buddy for several years and his commitment to human rights is well known and acknowledged. After the tragic loss of Phil at a young age, he could think of no more fitting a legacy than to have his guitars made available to the inmates at Mountjoy in this way.

Billy Bragg, speaking at the presentation, addressed group of inmates. He told this instrument is a key. It could serve you alter your life. He has been across the world. When they give these guitars today, they are not here as a gift. They are here really as a challenge.

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