Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Full Theatrical Trailer (2012) – Robert Pattinson Movie HD


Video Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Full Theatrical Trailer (2012) – Robert Pattinson Movie HD”

  1. Lolakay 26

    now that i think about it all the twilight movies are crap. but the books

  2. Tabbatha Sisk

    My little sister parris and me ashlynn love this movie so does my mom

  3. Eltork

    Love this part
    Let start with
    Love you robert pattinson

  4. Messi Fan

    Want more guys

  5. Tabbatha Sisk

    I love all of the movie they are sweet

  6. Eltork

    Love this part
    Let start with

  7. Andre Crooks

    Chyna dendy black

  8. carvinshin

    My favorite movies full episode of twilight breaking dawn 3

  9. Mary Regalado

    So cool

  10. Janessa Austin

    how do u get past the survey

  11. Sreehari Namikaze

    when you see it you would be glad the war didnt happen. carlisle died . 🙁


    the bad vidio

  13. EsmeraldaWendyGarcia

    I am a big fan

  14. Alysa Miesner

    Edward is soòoòooooooooooo hot and jacob

  15. NanaBiitch1


  16. VitalHDTV

    Watch the full movie at my channel

  17. cahya diana

    very very good

  18. Puyee Stylinson

    At school,we were having games and the boys took the ball that we thought
    to play with.I said to my friends “I wish i could be one from the Cullen
    family,i would snatch the ball with the fast move” lol really love the
    speed and Luv u Rob and Kris and twilight 4eva!

  19. MrMeeka251

    when will it come out on dvd

  20. Makyla Curtin

    Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool yah in your

  21. XMissCupCakejeee

    I Love twilight!!!!

  22. venisa wongg

    Can this show be ENDLESS ? Loving it !

  23. Bingolink

    OMG at

  24. mabelxxxbsb

    I can’t believe Lucian left Underworld for Twilight.Lucian, I’m so
    disappointed of you!!

  25. GhostMarine Core

    make a 3rd movie to twilight